Treehouse Holistic Veterinary House Calls

P.O. Box 1352
Sierra Madre, CA 91025


Fees and Policies

Our fees for exams, medical testing, vaccines and other injections, fluids and prescriptions are varied, but are roughly the same cost as for the same services provided at quality veterinary hospitals in the Los Angeles area. However, with a house call vet there are two other things to consider about fee structuring:

First, naturally there is a higher cost in the time spent by the veterinarian to visit a patient than if the patient comes to us. We call this charge the House-Call Fee, which is $225 for your first time visit only. After that the fee drops to $85 a visit for Clients within 10 miles of our base in Sierra Madre. For clients who are beyond the 10 miles, there is an additional mileage fee of $10/mile for the first and all visits.

Dr. Smith usually spends two to three times longer with a house call patient than she was able to do in her former veterinary hospital. 

The examination fee for a thorough history and exam is $65 for each pet. This includes nutritional consultation and general wellness care advice.

Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning is $150 with a $60 Travel Fee within 10 miles, (farther than 10 miles, special mileage fees apply. See above).

The house call fee for recheck exams, follow up treatments, follow up laser treatments, and follow up acupuncture is $60 within 10 miles.
For clients that are a farther distance, a follow up fee quote can be made on the phone.

Costs of select services, which are generally in addition to exam and house-call fees:

Acupuncture/Electroacupuncture     $90

Complete Canine or Feline Blood panel with thyroid     $189 

Class IV Laser Treatment     $54

Vaccinations      $28 to $42



New clients that have not been referred by a regular client will be asked for a $75 non-refundable deposit, to be charged to their credit card, at the time the appointment is made.