Treehouse Holistic Veterinary House Calls

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Sierra Madre, CA 91025


End of Life Care


We do not perform home euthanasia.
Dr Smith, for a number of reasons, does not include euthanasia in the services we offer. Still, we receive more calls for this service than any other. There are many wonderful house call veterinarians that provide home euthanasia as their ONLY service. Most are very good at what they do, and when my longtime patients need this service, I refer them to one of the following. If you do a search under “mobile veterinarian euthanasia,” you will find them and many more. These businesses do tend to change, especially over the last 3 years, so make sure your chosen vet is still in business. I can personally recommend the following veterinarians who do nothing but home euthanasia. They are very kind, experienced, efficient and professional.


Dr Robin Holmes (female) Gifts of Peace
626 791-1568


Dr John Grote (male) Pet Doc on Wheels (consults on “natural death vs. euthanasia”)
818 850-2494


Hearts and Halos (multiple veterinarians)
310 956-7062


Lap of Love (multiple veterinarians)
310 500-9558


Ever Animal Care Dr Kevin Chung
818 515 -2748